Englewood FL – A Town with a Big Heart

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Englewood, Florida, is a lively Beach Town on Florida’s West Coast.

Englewood offers residents a different lifestyle from cities like Sarasota or Naples. It caters to people who love a laid-back atmosphere with year-round mild weather and outdoor activities. Englewood is a small lively beach town of about 15,000 residents. If you need all the bells and whistles of a metropolis, you may want to look at Sarasota to the north and Ft. Myers to the south. Englewood, an unincorporated community, is divided between Sarasota and Charlotte Counties. Englewood’s five neighborhoods are Manasota Key, Englewood East, Englewood Beach, Englewood Isles, and Grove City. “Englewood consists of two zip codes,” which would be a more simplistic way to describe it.

A Town with a Big Heart and a good vibe

Why do we call Englewood – a town with a big heart? You will not even find exotic or fancy bars, high-class shopping malls with international flair, or world-class Broadway-like entertainment in Englewood. Well, we think the heart of Englewood beats at the beach area and the historic district of Dearborn St. Many waterfront restaurants and tiki bars with live entertainment line the beach. Englewood might ignite a spark if you look for a peaceful yet lively place.

Englewood’s most know neighborhoods are Manasota Key, Englewood Gardens, Englewood East, Englewood Isles, and Grove City. “Englewood consists of two zip codes,” 34223 and 3422, which would be a more simplistic way to describe it.

Englewood FL,  Location and Residents

Situated northwest of Port Charlotte and south of Venicethe beach town borders Lemon Bay. Englewood is lined up along SR 776, which connects the area with Venice to the west and Port Charlotte/North Port to the east. It takes about ten minutes to drive to Venice and ten minutes to Port Charlotte. Perfect! SR 775 connects Englewood to the Placida/Cape Haze area. That is another 10-minute drive.

Retirees used to move to Englewood because of the year-round pleasant weather, the gorgeous beaches, and the low cost of living. Englewood also offered spectacular waterfront properties for a reasonable price, cozy neighborhoods, great restaurants with fresh and tasty seafood, and many places near or on the water with live entertainment. The former fishing town was also a perfect spot for the outdoor enthusiast.

30 years later, some of that has changed, and some things haven’t. Long gone are the days when only retirees came to Englewood. Young families, second homeowners from other states, and international homeowners now make up a high percentage of the residents. The pleasant weather and the beautiful beaches are still the same. However, the cost of living has increased everywhere in the United States. Not as bad as in other areas and not dramatically, but noticeably. Spectacular waterfront properties do have a different price tag than 20 years ago. But that is what happens when a quiet oasis gets discovered.

Dearborn Street or Olde Englewood Village

The vivid Dearborn Street runs through the “Olde Englewood Village.” Here you can still imagine what Englewood may have looked like in the ’40s and ’50s. This street is the oldest part of Englewood and the center of the town, consisting of more or less one road. However, there are some excellent restaurants and street cafes where you can have lunch or dinner. The Farmers Market attracts many people with lots of action, food samples, and even live music. All that happens under shady trees. The Englewood Farmers Market is only a wintertime event.

Occasionally, residents and non-residents will gather for parades and other festivities. The Fourth of July Parade is one of those special events. Also, when the boat race takes place, the powerful machines will be exhibited on Dearborn Street before they compete with each other on the Gulf of Mexico.

Four Beaches – but where do I go?

There are some fantastic white sand beaches, which are fun places to hang out. However, all four beaches are on Manasota Key because Englewood only borders Lemon Bay, not the Gulf of Mexico. Stump Pass State Park Beach is located at Manasota Key’s south end. A beautiful park where a 1.3-mile walkway leads through the “jungle.” At the end of the path, you will reach Stump Pass connecting Lemon Bay and the Intracoastal waterway with the Gulf of Mexico.

The park provides restrooms and showers, but parking is limited, and you need to bring your food and water. You must pay for a day pass if you don’t have an annual Florida State Pass. Three bucks will not kill you, and it is for a good cause. The State Park is the best bet if you want to encounter wildlife. Dolphins, manatees, turtles, tortoises, and ospreys are around. However, there is no guarantee that you will see all or some of them. It depends on the season, weather, and time of the day if you see Flippers.” But with a bit of luck, you will see a few of them; if you are lucky, you may even see a seahorse in the water. The best time to see dolphins is in the late afternoon at Stump Pass.

One State Park Beach with three more Beaches access points on Manasota Key 

Englewood Beach or Chadwick Beach is the most sophisticated beach of the four beaches. You will find ample parking space, new restrooms, showers, boardwalks, a playground, volleyball courts, basketball hoops, and more. You will have fun there. Restaurants and bars are within walking distance, too. You can buy a parking pass or pay with a parking app.

Middle Beach or Blind Pass Beach is a few miles further north. Restrooms and showers are available. This beach is usually the last resort if you can’t find a parking spot elsewhere because they have several parking lots, and parking doesn’t cost a dime. You can also launch your kayak, and the little ones have a playground.

The beach at the north end of Manasota Key is called Manasota Beach. This beach is the only one with lifeguards on duty. However, the parking space is minimal. The county recently updated the restrooms. On the other side of the road is a small county park with a boat launch—no parking fees.

The Real Estate Market in Englewood has something for almost Everyone.

Whether you are looking for a place to raise your family, build a vacation home, or buy a perfect place to retire, Englewood will fit your needs perfectly. Moreover, on average, Englewood real estate is more affordable than real estate in Sarasota or Venice. Also, while checking out Englewood, you should look closely at Rotonda West, located a couple of miles southeast of Englewood. This circular community has five golf courses and plenty of canal and lakefront properties—no need to join a golf club.

You will find a handful of gated communities. Beachwalk by Manasota Key,  Boca Royale Golf and Country Club, Oyster Creek Golf and Country Club, Park Forest, Oak Forest, and Stillwater are the most known. Boca Royale and Beachwalk by Manasota Key are the most upscale communities with upscale homes in a unique subtropical setting. A section of new homes has been added recently to Boca Royal and became part of Wellen Park.

Englewood, Florida Waterfront  Homes

Englewood Isles is a mature and deed-restricted waterfront community. Many homes are on navigable water, and a few houses are on canals without access to the bay. The community has a marina and is directly connected with Lemon Bay and via Lemon Bay with the Gulf of Mexico. Grove City also has navigable saltwater canals with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. Englewood Beach on Manasota Key has boat docks facing Lemon Bay. Eagle Preserve Estates offers upscale Keywest-Style Homes with boat docks in your backyard and access to Lemon Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.