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Amanda Beal

“I met Karin almost 8 years ago when I first moved to Florida at a law firm I was working at. Over these years Karin has shared her real estate expertise with me from her side of the buying and selling process. She is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and a joy to work with on transactions. When I see her name pop up it always puts a smile on my face.”


Nikki Vantilburg at Stewart Title Company in Englewood

“Karin has consistently been an excellent communicator, extremely pleasant and helpful and works very hard for her clients. She always goes above and beyond.”

Lisa Minsky

“Thank you Karin!!!!! Finding the right new home is hard enough, but as a resident of New Hampshire, living in a no-hoa, non deed-restricted neighborhood there was no limit as to how many pets you had or what type of pets you had! When I started my search for a new home in the Venice, Northport, Fl area we just assumed we could move in anywhere with my 7 pets!!! As I searched the internet I found as I read through the listings I came across the "pets allowed" Yes or No and "# of Pets allowed" My heart dropped into my stomach when I saw that there was a limit? AND....the limit was way below the amount that I had.
So I persisted and did searches on pet friendly communities, no restriction pet communities, etc. etc. I was just about to give up when I happened across a blog about home buyers and pets and finding a pet friendly community and the issues that go along with that. The blog was had so much great information and was so full of empathy and compassion for pets and their people I emailed her right away! She got back to me immediately and was so helpful and optimistic although she certainly was surprised when I said I had 7 pets! But she totally got it. I told her my plan about moving but it wasn't happening for a year. We texted back and forth for a long time and I finally realized that SHE was the agent that was going to find me my home WITH my pets! Karin was amazing, that's putting it mildly! She worked with me even though it was so early in the process, she understood that these things take time to find the right home and that I had to sell my home but wasn't selling til the time was right. I did a lot of looking on my own just to get an idea of what I liked. At first I said well, I liked a particular community but they only allow a max of 3 pets so no big deal, i only have 4 extra whose going to know? She explained to me very nicely that I could do what I wanted but she advised against that due to the fact that if I was found out it would be a serious problem since they would boot me out or I would have to boot my pets out! Well, that made me realize that I couldn't go that route. We discussed different areas, communities. She did all the work to help me find the perfect place for me and my pets. She called the HOA of each community that I liked and called again and got it in writing and absolutely made sure that they would welcome me and my family. All 9 of us! She worked so hard for me because she is an animal lover herself and it's wonderful to have someone like this to work with you who totally gets it and knows all the pitfalls of pet restrictions in an HOA community. In additon to all this, she is kind, warm, caring, funny, personable and beyond professional! She is very intelligent and spot on with the information she will give you. I say she was the pefect person for the job I gave her!!! Your not just another feel special because she treats you that way. She will always get back to you whether you call or email her sooner than later. If she is delayed she will let you know. She will never let you down and will always be there to answer your questions. I started out feeling doomed and that I would never get out of the Northeast! Finally after months and months of lookiing and talking with her and learning so much form karin, we picked a few homes we wanted to see and then made the trip down. She showed us the communities that she had narrowed it down to according to my pet needs. It was a wonderful experience meeting her; as if we had known here forever.....We knew we were going to be "home" soon! We wanted to go back the next day to see one home again, and we made an appointment to meet at the home. All this work when she knew we couldn't actually put an offer in yet but was happy to show us anyway. Well, as luck had it, our home sold 2 months later and the day we went under contract we put an offer in to the home and well, here we are in our dream home in Venice Fla, with all our pets and we couldn't be happier!!!!!”

Lexie Los

“Karin is an amazing person. She went above and beyond during our house's selling process. I will highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs.”

Teri & Ed H.

“Dear Karin, you have no idea how much we appreciated all you did for us. From finding the perfect place to all the time and work you have done in helping get the mortgage through. Looking forward to a lot of new memories and hope to include you in them!!”

Tammy R. NC

“Karin was a breath of fresh air to work with, very knowledgeable in the whole process and was always available to talk with me when I needed her (by email, phone and texting…very up-to-date on the latest forms of communication!). I picked Karin because of her warm and bubbly personality, which I thought made her very approachable with perspective buyers. If I ever return to Florida and decide to purchase a house I would definitely call her (I hope she never quits working!). And if anyone I know in Florida is in need of a great realtor I will definitely give them her contact information.”

Kerri D.ED, Englewood

“Karin was EXTREMELY helpful in my search for a new home and in purchasing the perfect home for our family. She found someone to rent our home in the winter months when we were living elsewhere as well! Even though we lived out of state, Karin made the transition and sales transaction very easy for us.
Karin was dependable, knew about the comps in the neighborhood and was very professional every step of the way. I highly recommend Karin to be your agent!”

Karen Goyette and Michel Dahan, Ottawa Canada

“We would highly recommend Karin Heitmann to anyone needing Realtor assistance.
Friends who had recently purchased a condominium in Sarasota, FL recommended Ms. Heitmann to us. We spoke with her on the phone from Ottawa, ON Canada concerning what we were looking for. She worked with our friends and found the perfect place for us, which we put an offer on, sight unseen except for some pictures sent to us.
The place was a short sale and Ms. Heitmann explained the process and issues regarding this. We placed an offer but unfortunately the bank seized the property before it was approved. When the Bank released the property, Ms. Heitmann’s words to us were “Don’t worry we will get you your condo if I have to sit on the Real Estate Agent’s desk”. We did get our condo. She kept us well informed of everything to be done.
Throughout this whole process, Ms. Heitmann was constantly keeping us up to date via emails and telephone calls. She was very professional and caring always keeping our best interests first.
As far as we are concerned she went beyond the call of duty in helping us purchase our little place in paradise. We found her to be very knowledgeable and highly competent in her field.”

Sandy and Hale H. Rotonda

“I just have to sit down and say thank you and to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you.
You are wonderful to work with and it has been a pleasure meeting you.

I will always remember this experience with you.”

Irene H., Seattle

“Karin, Thank you for all the assistance you and your husband put forth on behalf of my parents and your compassionate understanding of how difficult it is for older people to let go. My only regret is that you did not get the full commission. You certainly earned that.”

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