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                          Rotonda West is a circular City in Florida

                          Spread out over twelve square miles, with a diameter of 11 miles, the deed-restricted Community of Rotonda West has the distinct shape of a wagon wheel. Round is quite an unusual layout for a town, but this shape is a welcome variety to all the surrounding square-shaped communities. The majority of the cities in the US are predictably built in squares – like a chessboard. It is a design that makes it easier to navigate and doesn’t come with surprises. So, Rotonda sticks out because it is round, which, by the way, always scares visitors unfamiliar with Rotonda. They often vision themselves circling forever. However, everybody has a GPS device nowadays, making it easier to find an exit, and so far, nobody has detected skeletons along the roadside. 

                          Who came up with that idea?

                          The developer. The question remains as to why did  he think that the community had to be circular. In architecture ( and not only in architecture), round structures are associated with “softness.” Therefore, when looking for a “soft design,” and the developer wanted something different, only a round structure can be the solution. Hence, new, round community was born on the drawing board. 

                          Why are so few circular communities when this design is softer and more pleasing? There are always pros and cons in life, and the “waste of land use” is the problem with a circular design. In a rectangular layout, you can use every inch, whereas, in a circular format, many areas are too small, therefore, rated “useless.” 

                          With 17,000 residents, the Rotonda West Association is the largest mandated Homeowners Association in Florida. Although continually expanding, it is still a tranquil neighborhood with residents from all over the US and overseas. A significant addition to the community is the recent acquisition of the 165 beautiful acres of Broadmoor Park, which features a new 8,000 square foot Community Center with lakes, a lush tropical landscape, plenty of wildlife, and 3 miles of walking trails. 

                          Rotonda West, FL, has five golf courses integrated

                          The Five golf courses, totaling 99 holes,  are strategically positioned within the community. Five golf courses, The Hills, Long Marsh, The Palms, The Links, and Pinemoor, occupy a significant wheel section. This structure doesn’t only stand for a lot of fun for golfers; it also creates a lot of golf-course view properties in Rotonda West for the residents. However, if you need more than 5 golf courses, there are plenty more only a short trip away. 

                          However, Rotonda West has more nice features. Canals, lakes, ponds, and nature preserve areas are an essential part of the circular community. To specify this, here are a few numbers. 560 acres of water are part of Rotonda West. Those ponds, lakes, and 23 miles of waterways, like canals, are responsible for abundant beautiful properties with Waterview. The master-planned community also has over 20,000 acres of greenbelts and nature preserves. Those nature preserve areas are beautiful, and they create a lot of space for Florida’s original residents. It is not uncommon to have bobcats, tortoises, egrets, or gators in your neighborhood. They all behave pretty well as long as you don’t interfere with their lifestyle. 

                          Rotonda West, FL, and the Seven Neighborhoods

                          Located between those spokes of the wheel are the seven sub-communities, golf courses, lakes, and canals. The southwest area of the “wheel “is a big nature preserve, inhabited by alligators, bald eagles, and a wide variety of other “Florida Natives. ” 

                          The homes are located along the spokes (streets) of the “wheel.”  The names of the communities are Oakland Hills, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Broadmoor, Long Meadow, Long Marsh, and Pine Valley. Outside of the wheel are the communities of Rotonda LakesRotonda Heights, and Rotonda Sands.

                          Every section has a distinct character. Oakland Hills is the oldest section and the only section with underground utilities. Some areas have very lush landscaping, almost like a jungle, while others are more open. None of the neighborhoods is a 55+ community and none is gated, but the neighborhood watch is doing a fantastic job to keep the community safe.  

                          The Pine Valley Subdivision was the last “slice of the pie” to be developed. The homes are newer and larger. Pine Valley is in close proximity to thousands of acres of preserves with an abundance of natural wildlife. 

                          Rotonda West Real Estate and Homes for Sale

                          Are you convinced to buy a home in Rotonda West? Location, location, location – the old real estate rule still applies. Just south of Englewood and only minutes away from the beaches, golfing, and shopping, the home buyer has many choices in Rotonda West. Single-family homes and Pool Homes dominate the market; however, condos and townhouses are also available. 

                          Properties are slightly different in the seven Rotonda West Communities. Single-family homes are usually smaller and older in Oakland Hills; however, expect larger, newer Estate Homes or even brand new homes in Rotonda Meadows and Long Marsh. Homesites are up to 1/3 acre in the Maedows and Long Marsh. Sometimes you are lucky when you can buy the lots on either side of your property, too. A one acre lot gives you a lot of elbow room. 

                          Plenty of vacant lots are still available in Rotonda West; many come with a very decent price tag. There are also quite a few reputable home builders who can build a home according to your specifications, Greenbelt views, golf course views, pond/lake views, or waterway views – the choice is yours. You buy the lot and have the builder do the rest, or you can buy the whole package, lot and home, from the builder and move in. There is a grain of salt, though. Once the signature on your contract is dry, it can still take up to 18 months until you can order the movers. Some builders can accelerate it a little; others need even more time to finish your dream home. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day either. 

                          You can use a small boat on many canals in Rotonda, but you will not be able to take your boat out to the Gulf of Mexico. There is no connection to the Gulf at all.   

                          However, there are many full-service marinas nearby where you can keep your boat. They have access to Charlotte Harbor or the Gulf of Mexico, and those marinas make it very convenient to get rid of your dollars.

                          They keep your toy high and dry, put it in the water whenever you wish, clean it and store it again, and do necessary repairs. It can’t get any better. Expect to pay around $350.00/month for an 18 – 20 ft boat. Repairs are a different story. The mechanic will probably charge about $100 per hour plus parts plus tax. Whoever told you that boating is inexpensive wanted to sell you his boat. You can always opt-out and take yoga classes instead. 

                          Boat and RV Storage available

                          Here comes a bonus. If you want to save some money, you can keep the boat on a trailer and store it in Rotonda’s storage lot. Right in the center of the wheel is a huge lot that the Homeowner’s Association owns. Since Rotonda West is a Deed Restricted Community, boats and RVs are not permitted on your property (only a few days to pack and unpack). However, the community offers a solution to those who want to keep their babies nearby. For a few bucks per month, residents of Rotonda West can keep their extra vehicles in a fenced-in parking lot. Full-service community! What else do you want?

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