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Sarasota, Florida - the cultural Hub on Florida's West Coast

“The Greatest Show on Earth”

Have you ever heard about “The Greatest Show On Earth?” Sarasota has long had ties to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and “The Greatest Show on Earth” was their slogan. They used Sarasota for their winter retreat because the circus animals and performers liked the mild temperatures on the Gulf Coast.

Unfortunately, the good times for circuses are long ago; however, the Ringling Museum and the Cà d’ Zan, which was the Ringling’s mansion, are still around and worth visiting. If you are slowly turning red at the beach, you may want to give your skin a break from the intense sun. Get in the shade and enjoy a great museum experience in Sarasota.

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People from New York City, Los Angeles, or other big cities may say that Sarasota looks more like a small town. They are right, With a little over 50,000 residents, Sarasota is not big at all,  but it has all the amenities you can find in a big city combined with more quality of life. 

Whether you want to live in a brand new Condo in Downtown Sarasota, or a Beach Mansion with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico, a Golf Community, or in a historic home, there are many possibilities and options.

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