Venice FL the City on the Gulf of Mexico

Explore your opportunities in the local Venice real estate market. Search on the MLS through the hundreds of properties and homes for sale. Rich in history and culture, Venice, Florida, offers coastal living with a little Mediterranean taste. 

Venice is in a perfect location about 20 miles south of Sarasota, 10 miles west of Port Charlotte, and 10 miles north of Englewood. All international airports (Sarasota, Tampa, and Fort Myers) can be reached in 1,5 hours or less.

Venice – where no Gondoliers are singing

Venice is a little paradise on the Gulf coast. By the way, there is a reason while this city was named after its Italian sister city. The city manager, who came to Venice, Florida, in the 1920s, was fascinated by the Italian counterpart. He had been there many times and he loved it there. Therefore, he tried to copy at least a few architectural details to give that new world Venice that Mediterranean touch. So, Venice, FL,  is about nine square miles wide and sits on one island, and a limited number of canals is also part of the concept. But compared to Venice in Italy, which sits on 118 islands in a shallow lagoon, Florida’s Venice is not nearly as sophisticated. Still, it has a least a little taste of the Mediterranean. There are also a lot of residences from the past that resemble the distinct Mediterranean architectural style.

The Isle of Venice is Where the City’s Heart Beats

The whole city of Venice is about 17 square miles in size, with a significant portion located on an island. The Island of Venice itself, with its downtown area and historic district, is only an artificial island. How did that happen? Well, when the US Army Corps of Engineers built the Intracoastal Waterway, this piece of land was cut off from the mainland by the new canal. However, it is an island and can only be reached via three modern drawbridges. At least there are no ferries or boats needed.

The historic district, the downtown area, the municipal airport, and three of the four beaches are a part of the “Venice Isle.” And there is also a public Golf Course on the island, which is not very common on the barrier islands. Only Longboat Key and Boca Grande have one, too. Space on islands is scarce.

No Commercial Activity, please

The community banned all Commercial activity on the Isle of Venice. Don’t have your car fixed in such a beautiful spot. You can have it done on the mainland, space for noisy shops is plentiful on the mainland. You also won’t find any major chain stores like Home Depot or Walmart on the island, because they are also not welcome. Don’t be surprised that you won’t see any fast food outlets on the island, too. The rule is that only individually owned restaurants, small stores, and shops are permitted.

As a result of the prementioned rule, Venice has a vibrant downtown area with a great variety of small unique stores, boutiques, local coffee- and wine shops, bakeries, restaurants, and ice cream parlors. Some grocery shops, banks, and medical facilities are also still within walking or biking distance.


Come to Venice and get into the swing. Especially the Venice Downtown area is a very active place to be. You can go to concerts in the park, art exhibitions, parades, and wine and music on Fridays. Those events are attracting a lot of people from all over the county and beyond.

Evenings are filled with shows at “The Venice Theater” or concerts at the “Venice Symphony.”  Live Music is also performed on the beach or in the downtown area. If the visitor is in the mood for a spectacular sunset, the Venice Fishing Pier would be the spot where he can watch the sun dipping into the “ocean.”

Parks, Beaches and Outdoor Activities

Venice has more than 30 parks, ranging in size from tiny pocket parks to parks with miles and miles of biking and hiking trails. The smaller parks are scattered all over the town. Many of them are small shadowy spots with benches and flower beds where the visitor can rest for a while to enjoy the gentle breeze blowing from the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes people may not even recognize that they are in a park. However, in the middle of July, the visitor will appreciate every spot that is providing a cool, shady canopy of trees.

There are “serious” parks in Venice, as well. They come with tennis and basketball courts, boat ramps, canoe, and kayak launches, and miles of walking and biking. The Legacy Trail, keep that name in mind if you like biking,  runs through Venice, connecting all the communities along its way with Sarasota. This former railroad track provides miles of excellent biking and hiking. Some day, this trail may run from Canada to Key West; however, that dream might not come true too fast. There are still some obstacles in the way.

Golf Courses

If you want to play a round of golf on one of the world-class golf courses in the area, or if you’re going to explore the half-dozen area nature preserves, walk with your eyes wide open. You will find them everywhere.

We should also not forget to mention the number-one reason why everybody is here: the beaches and the weather.

Venice has Four Beaches

This charming and quaint community on the gulf coast is not only known for its great cultural events, but it is also known for its breathtaking beaches. Nokomis Beach, Venice Beach, Brohard Beach, and Casperson Beach are the places where you can soak up the sun, take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico or hunt for shark teeth. People say that the 7-mile long beach in Venice is one of the most unspoiled stretches of public beach in all of Sarasota County. Well, there are other beautiful beaches on other barrier Islands as well.

Shark Tooth Capital of the World

“Shark Tooth Capital of the World” is Venice’s nickname. Every day, hundreds of those ancient teeth are washed up on its shores. Scientists say that there are ancient shark burial grounds off Venice’s coasts, and current and wave action moves the black, brown, or grey teeth on the beach. Usually, they are tiny, maybe a, 1/8 or ¼ of an inch long. But occasionally, a lucky beachcomber finds one that is more than 3 inches long. However, that doesn’t happen too often. There is still no need to be depressed when you do not find such a black tooth. Those who do not see a spectacular shark’s tooth may have more luck finding a magnificent shell instead.

If you are really depressed because you couldn’t find one of those shark dentures, come to the annual Shark Tooth and Sea Food Festival. There you can buy a big one while enjoying tasty seafood and a cold one.

Dog Park and Beach – a place where your furry friend can sniff out the Gulf Water

Brohard Beach has something special and dedicated to men’s best friend. Brohard Paw Park is a dog-friendly beach with drinking fountains, showers, decks, fire hydrants, and leash posts for your furry friend. It is the only park in Sarasota County where dogs may roam free and swim with the owner in the Gulf of Mexico. The park, located just south of the Venice Airport, is in the vicinity of the Fishing Pier.

Nokomis Beach, the oldest beach in Sarasota County, is on the other side of the Jetty. It is the family friendliest beach of the four. Ample parking space and excellent amenities make it a great place for barbecue, shelling, sunbathing, swimming, fishing, and boating. If you want to enjoy a day of leisure, Nokomis Beach is the place to be.

Great Fishing

Venice is also notorious for its excellent fishing. Launch your boat, rent a boat, or go on a charter boat. Out in the turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico live hundreds of fish species, including snapper, snook, grouper, and tarpon. However, stick the rules. You cannot take home everything that is biting into your hook. Make yourself familiar with the rules and regulations governing the type of fishing you are doing. If you violate the rules, ignorance is not a defense. Although not everybody is required to have a license, you may better check if you need a fishing license for fresh and/or saltwater fishing before you cast a line.  However, all those rules should not spoil your fun. Venice is literally a boaters’ and angler’s paradise, even if there are some rules you may need to obey. With a little common sense, you will have a wonderful time in Venice.

Buying Real Estate in Venice FL, the city on the Gulf of Mexico

Because many vacationers are flocking to Venice every year, this is an ideal location for purchasing a piece of investment property. Its relatively large “snowbird” population is making rental homes and condominiums in this area very profitable. Many homeowners rent their place out for a few months to offset the costs and use it when it is not occupied by renters. But Venice also has another advantage: Waterfront homes are considerably lower in price compared to other popular areas like nearby Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples.

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