Port Charlotte by the Charlotte Harbor

Port Charlotte, Florida

Port Charlotte is located halfway between Sarasota and Fort Myers. With a population of 55,000, the City has an average size for the Sunshine State. The proximity to Charlotte Harbor, a massive body of water, is what makes the location so unique. Port Charlotte has more than 150 miles of natural and human-made waterways, and many of the canals provide direct access to Charlotte Harbor and consequently, to the Gulf of Mexico. 

A Large Planned Community

Port Charlotte has the character of a large, planned community. Besides from an area along the US-41, the town is quiet and basically residential, with a substantial percentage of retirees and snowbirds. Compared to Englewood, Venice, or Sarasota, one can say that this town is not particularly touristy. When tourists spend their hard-earned money, they want to be in heaven, and heaven is usually directly on the beach, or where you can at least smell the ocean. 

Real Estate in Port Charlotte

Vast sections of land, mostly towards the I-75 in the north of Port Charlotte, are still waiting for buyers and home builders. The closer you get to the harbor, the denser the development. The majority of homes are single-family homes from the 60′s and later. Port Charlotte has some new communities, but most of the building activity takes place in communities closer to the Gulf of Mexico at this point. 

Miles and miles of shoreline are bordering Charlotte Harbor, the Peace, and the Myakka River. Although Port Charlotte has miles of riverfront, it does not have a single stretch of beach. The reason for that is simple: it is not located directly on the Gulf of Mexico. However, that is not a big problem because Charlotte County has plenty of beaches someplace else. If sun-seekers want to feel that white sand between their toes, they can drive to Englewood Beach, Gasparilla Island, or Venice. That is only a short 20-minute drive, and for many residents, it is worth the trip.  

The Name “Port Charlotte” may be slightly misleading

The names Port Charlotte and North Port, the bordering City, may suggest that both cities have a port. However, that is far away from the truth. Even Charlotte Harbor, which is a huge body of water next to Port Charlotte, does not accommodate ships – at least not those big commercial ones. 

While the waters are perfect for powerboats and sailboats, big seagoing vessels would sooner or later get stuck in the mud. Also, there would be no incentive to build a port. Tampa is the premier address for big boats already; a Port Charlotte harbor would probably suffer a slow death from the beginning.

Outdoor Activities

The focus of the residents lies clearly in outdoor activities. More than 21 golf courses are spread out all over Charlotte County, and already seven of them are located in Port Charlotte. But not everybody wants to hit the ball. Therefore, Port Charlotte has a lot more to offer than golfing. Some of the other options are biking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, diving, and fishing. You name it, and you can do it. There are endless opportunities for those people who want to live an active lifestyle, and the sky is wide open. You may have to overcome your inner demons, though. 

 Port Charlotte also has many fishing piers and parks where you can spend the day. For instance, the Tippecanoe Environment Park is a 380-acre piece of land with scrub and pine flat woods. For nature lovers who like to bike and hike, this is the right spot to be. Wildlife is abundant, and there is almost a guarantee that you will see some wild animals (depending on the time of the day, of course). 

Also, there is even a beach park with a pool where people can soak up the sun and cool off in the water, and dog owners will find dog parks for their furry friends, too. 

Sports enthusiasts who want to watch the Tampa Bay Rays performing their spring training can go to Port Charlotte’s Sports Park. Now you can watch how other people are sweating. 

Shopping and Entertainment

The Murdock Center Mall and a variety of local stores and shops are just a few minutes away. Port Charlotte has all the big chains in addition to strip malls and small shops. Organic food stores, home goods, large retailers, and restaurants are part of the diversity. 

Sport’s Bars and Cigar Bar’s are not the only places for Nightlife entertainment. For instance, the Comedy and Restaurant Theater combines food and entertainment, and the Cultural Center provides even more than that.