West Villages of North Port

Wellenpark (West Villages) of North Port

Twelve thousand acres of wetland, nature preserves, lakes, and build-able lots, located between Venice and North Port, will house a new city with the name Wellenpark (formerly West Villages) of North Port. North Port always wanted to expand further to the west, to the other side of the Myakka River, where the grass is obviously greener. As the West Villages grow it is now only a district and the name of the entire Development is now Wellen Park.

Once completed, Wellen Park will be bigger than Sarasota and Venice combined. 5,000 – 6,000 homes are already in place, while another batch of 11,000 homes is already on the drawing board. Eventually, there will be more than 20,000 homes in the area. Read more about it here,

Bird's eye view of Island Walk at Wellen Park

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Sarasota National, Island Walk, Gran Paradiso, Grand PalmThe Preserve at West VillagesRenaissance, Oasis at West Villages,

Commercial Activity

Commercial activities will also be included in the center of Downtown Wellen.  Department stores, grocery stores like Publix, and offices are planned along US-41 so that residents of the Wellenpark don’t have to drive long distances. Even a medical facility is planned in the near future.  However, Venice, North Port, or Port Charlotte are not too far away. Even Sarasota is easy to reach within a 40-minute drive.

Some Communities are already established – others are growing fast

Some of the communities have already been in place for a while. Island Walk, Grand Palm, Gran Paradiso, and Sarasota National are no newcomers. Some were launched more than ten years ago. However, because they hit a dry spot in 2008, they had to pause for a while to regroup. Other communities, like Renaissance and Oasis, are the new kids on the block. They missed the dry spot and could expand right away. Grand Palm was also already in place. There are many more communities coming soon.

The West Villages will add a significant Number of Homes

Mattamy Homes, a very successful home builder from Canada, bought the stretch of land from south of US-41 all the way down to Englewood. They paid „only“ $87 Million for that „little piece“ of land, which is about 75% of the former Thomas Ranch. Their project is so vast that at least two generations of home builders will have a job. This is not daydreaming; it will probably take 20 – 30 years to get the infrastructure and all the homes in place.

At least 70,000 people will live in the new West Villages. Two-thirds will stay within the city limit of North Port, the other third of the population will be „proud residents“ of Sarasota County. Will it make a difference where their home is? Probably not.

Mother Nature will play an important role again

Condominiums, townhouses, villas, and single-family homes will be embedded in lush sub-tropical landscaping. Nature will play an important role, and even the Myakka River is an essential part of the concept. The „River Club“ is designed to give residents access to the Myakka River, where non-motorized boating will be permitted. That scenic river with its abundant wildlife is just awesome, and the residents will love that part of their new village. There will be a boat launch where residents can get their kayaks and canoes in and out of the water.

The former Thomas Ranch had already a 30-acre sparkling lake in place, and, fortunately, that lake will stay. The developer decided that the lake is a perfect „eye-catcher“ and will make everybody, including the alligators, happy. Also, nature preserves, parks, and smaller lakes will remain as well.

The area Beaches are not far away

Water freaks who want to soak up the sun on the beach have options, too. The four beaches on Manasota Key (Manasota Beach, Middle Beach, Englewood Beach and Stump Pass Beach State Park) and the four beaches on the Isle of Venice (Venice Beach, Brohard  Dog Beach and Paw Park, and Caspersen Beach) are only a short trip away from the new West Villages. Manasota Key Road, the street at the southern end of the village, will get the Sun-seekers within minutes to the beach.


Wellen Park in North Port and Venice

Wellen Park

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