What to fix up before selling a house

Casey Key Beach

Inexpensive home improvement tips before you put your home on the market

So you decided you want to sell your house. Before you even put it on the market you may want to spruce it up a bit so it will attract as many buyers as possible. Here are my suggestions that are inexpensive, but effective and will increase the value of your home.

  • My first suggestion is to deep-clean the house and “make it sparkle!” Clean, clean everything, the kitchen the bathrooms ,the windows.
  • Clean up your yard, trim bushes and trees, pull weed, power wash the outside of the house including the lanai. If your budget allows it cover your flower beds with  some fresh mulch and plant some flowers. Curb appeal is very important, because this is the first impression the prospective buyer will see.
  • Clean the grout of your tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms. Re-grout if the grout is chipped or discolored. Replace any broken or cracked tiles.
  • If you master bedroom looks tired, add new comforter, pillows and linens and add a little color.
  • Eliminate clutter. Remove photos, knickknacks, refrigerator magnets and other personal items. Clean and organize your cabinets and closets.
  • Buy a bright colored shower curtain and rug to perk up your bathroom.
  • Clear off kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Put away your toaster and other kitchen appliances.
  • Replace old kitchen appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens.
  • Remove excess furniture. Create a “model home” look, clean, attractive with well-placed items. Arrange your furniture so it focuses on your home’s strongest feature
  • Paint your walls in neutral or light grey and blue tones. Paint the baseboard and front door if needed.
  • Install new light fixtures if they are unappealing or damaged.

Thinking of selling your Rotonda West Home soon?

We all know, when getting ready to put a home on the market for sale, the fear that it might not sell fast or rake in the amount you expect will often put a lot of pressure on us. Things get even more real when you begin to imagine what the home inspection report might look like and what buyers will think of it.

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