Historic Homes

The most charming historic homes can be found in Sarasota, Venice and Punta Gorda FL

Old Florida Charm with a lot of History

Step back in time

Historic in age and timeless in architectural inspiration – the SarasotaVenice, and Punta Gorda area is home to a variety of beautifully restored historic homes. Some “Old Florida Style” homes are from late 1800; most are from the early to mid-1900. If your dream is to own a historic home, don’t miss out on all the opportunities available in this beautiful area on the West Coast of Florida. 

Use your inspiration

If you don't want to buy a remodeled home, you can buy a "fixer-upper" and use your inspiration. Some of those homes still have the original hardwood flooring, which the owners once installed with pride. They can be renewed and look great after that process. Some homes even have their original stone fireplaces, and the traditional molding is still in place. However, don't be overly excited. You better know what you are doing because a lot of sweat and knowledge is involved if you want to bring a 100-year building up to code. 

Where can you find Historic Homes in Southwest Florida?

Some historic homes for sale date back to the 1920s and even earlier, but many are from the 1920-1950s and later. You have historic homes in the Sarasota Museum area, on the Island of Venice, or in the historical district of Punta Gorda. Most of them are standing in clusters. Those clusters represent the former "downtown" area. Few historic homes are in single spots because many fell victim to new developments.

Find Vintage and Historic Homes in Sarasota, Venice, and Punta Gorda

Browse our selection of historic homes, primarily located in downtown Sarasota, Downtown Venice, on the Island of Venice, and in the historic section of Punta Gorda. They are all within walking distance of downtown and Fishermen's Village.

Bradenton also has a great selection of historic homes close to downtown. 

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