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Punta Gorda is centrally located between Sarasota and Fort Meyers, and it is also still in a comfortable driving distance to Tampa and Orlando. Due to the proximity to the Charlotte Harbor and  the extensive canal system, Punta Gorda has an abundance of waterfront properties. Especially  Punta Gorda Isles and Burnt Store Isles offer many new and newer homes on the water with deep water/sailboat water canals leading out to the Gulf of Mexico. 

The History of Punta Gorda 

Punta Gorda dates back to the arrival of the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon in the year of 1521. Before that, the Calusa Indians had already lived in the area for several thousand years. Ponce intention was to find gold and the mythical „fountain of youth.“ Although he was obsessed to find this famous fountain and tried everything to find it, history books are teaching us that he was not successful at all. Even after his death the search was continued by other explorers, but they weren’t successful either. Today, many people are still looking out for it, bridging the time until they may eventually find it with scalpel and Botox. Railroad, Phosphate Mining, the US 41, the Airport and WWII – all this had a big impact on Punta Gorda and it shaped the face of the city. Today you can still see some of those footprints, however, US 41 and the Airport left the biggest marks. 

Punta Gorda is a boaters paradise

Charlotte Harbor and the Peace River offer excellent recreational fishing and spectacular boating opportunities. The water is perfect for sailing boats, power boats, and small watercraft’s, like kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes. If you don’t care about fishing or if you are already getting seasick by watching the pelicans floating on the water, play a round of golf instead. That will stabilize the horizon dramatically. You can go to the semi-private Punta Gorda Country Club, which is an 18-hole, par 72 golf course, and play a round. They have a driving range and a pro shop if you need some new equipment. If you need to rent clubs, you can do that at the pro shop as well. They are happy to make your day. 

Fishermen’s Village

Once upon a time three developers were sitting together. They were thinking, dreaming and talking. Eventually they came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to build something „extraordinary”, something that attracts and pleases many people…and renders the inventors unforgettable. They called their vision „Fishermen’s Village,“ and then they immediately rolled up their sleeves. Even 37 years later, Fishermen’s Village, which is built like a New England Fishing Village, is still „The“ attraction in Punta Gorda. Although the New England theme is not really too Floridian, people love it. The second largest tourist attraction in Southwest Florida is constantly remodeled and improved, and it recently added a nice outside bar and restaurant area. 

This unique waterfront destination includes gift shops, clothing, and specialty stores. There are several restaurants with a wide variety of food items on their menus, and there is a little military heritage museum, that tells a short story about the military background of the area. 

Marina, Boutiques and Restaurants

The marina offers 98 boat slips for the people who hate wheels under their vehicle, and there is a gas station in case the tank is empty. Fully furnished luxury apartments on the second floor are waiting for new arrivals. People who are seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of their hometown will feel there at home again….and they are only 10 steps away from their favorite pizza. 

Everything is in the shade, and wide openings provide for a comfortable sea breeze on a sizzling summer day. By the way, there is an ice cream parlor as well. This ice cream shop is the place where you can happily add another 5,000 calories to your daily diet, but who cares when the sky is blue and the sun is shining? On certain days you can even listen to live music while enjoying an ice cold beer. Life is good and even better at Fishermen’s Village. 

Mini Cruises

Go on a Mini Cruise! Several Charter boats are departing from the harbor every day. You can go out on a short sunset tour and watch the dolphins playing with their prey, or you can choose from a variety of day trips. The skippers will take you on tours up the river, or to those little keys located in Charlotte Harbor. Some of the tiny islands, like Cabbage Key, have a unique restaurant that can only be reached by boat. And if you are kind to the captain he might even bring you back to the Village. But better be careful, that pirate blood may still circle in his veins. 

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