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    Lido Key and St. Armand’s Key are not all about the St. Armand’s Circle – although it seems as if the big roundabout is dominating the island. This island, located just two miles west of downtown Sarasota, is connected to the mainland with the new and impressive John Ringling Causeway bridge. 

    It is not entirely correct to put the St. Armand’s Circle on Lido Key because it sits on its Key – called the St. Armand’s Key. But because nobody can determine where one island ends and the other one begins, everybody refers to this beautiful piece of land as “Lido Key.” That’s good enough.

    Once the visitor hits the roundabout, he has four choices to make. When he takes the first exit, he can continue further to Longboat Key. The second exit will get him to Lido Beach; the third exit will get him to the island’s southern tip, where the Mangrove tunnels are. There he can rent a kayak or canoe and explore Lido Key’s nature. 

    Lido Key Real Estate

    The single-family residences on the Key represent a wide variety of architecture. Mediterranean style historic homes from the 1920s, modern mansions, cottages, and Florida ranch-style homes are on Lido Key and St Armand’s Key. Traditional styles dominate the luxury homes that line the Saltwater Canals and the Bayfront. High-rise condos stretch on the beach at South Lido Key, and there is your chance to snap up your beach getaway. 

    St. Armand’s Circle with “a special” International Flair

    The heart and soul of Lido Key are St. Armand’s Circle with the tropical and beautifully landscaped roundabout. When entering the Key, there is also a huge parking lot right after the exit. You can park your car there and explore St. Armand’s Circle first. It is fun strolling the Circle, buying some Knick knacks, or just sitting there and enjoying a delicious ice cone. Everybody who lives in Sarasota or Sarasota County goes to the Circle once in a while. 

    The big center of St. Armand’s Key called “St. Armand’s Circle” is home to more than 120 stores, art galleries, ice cream and chocolate shops, upscale boutiques, nightclubs, and a wide variety of European or International Style Restaurants. To name a few of them, South American, Italian, and French cuisine add to the international flair of the St. Armand’s Circle. You can enjoy popular events throughout the year, including art and craft fairs, luxury car shows, and outdoor markets.  

    History of St. Armand’s Circle

    More than a hundred years ago, John Ringling had a Vision – today, that Vision is called “St. Armand’s Circle”. At that time, visionary John Ringling already realized the island’s high potential. Therefore he bought the St. Armand’s Key in 1917 and planned a development that was laid out in a circle. That design was quite revolutionary in 1917. Today the rotary and Italian-Style Garden is, thanks to John’s Vision, an enchanting experience. Shopping, street restaurants, and nightlife events create a graceful synthesis of past and present. Antique statuary and contemporary architecture contribute to an international atmosphere. We pity Mr. Ringling. He would be so proud of himself. But everybody knows how that works; it is not always easy to harvest the fruits of your success during your lifetime. 

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