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Palm Island

A remote Paradise called Palm Island

Many island communities are connected to the mainland by bridges; this one has no connection like that at all. Only a ferry is going to Don Pedro Island, and it is quite costly to get your car over to the other side. By the way, it is also pretty useless to have your car on the island because there are only a few miles of roads you can use. 

Therefore, if you want to go to spend a few hours on the beautiful beach of Don Pedro Island, you might be better off leaving the car on the mainland because everything is within walking distance on that tiny spot of land.

Take the Ferry


If you don’t have a boat, there is a water taxi connecting the mainland with Little Gasparilla Island. It operates between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily and picks its passengers up at Eldred’s Marina in Placida. But in the season you better make a reservation in advance because you will not be the only person that wants to go there.

The islands of Don Pedro, Palm, Knight, and Little Gasparilla used to be separate, but now they come in one piece. Over time the islanders and storms filled the gaps in between. However, the island is divided by the State Park. You can walk but not drive through the park. 

You need to bring your Stuff with You

There is not much shopping on the island. There is only a general store for the necessities; the other items need to be purchased on the mainland. Only 300 homes are on Little Gasparilla Island, with not too many lots left to build on. Once they are gone, there is no room for expansion anymore. 

Living like Robinson Crusoe

If you want to live like Robinson Crusoe, this might get as close as it can get. With a slight difference, though. At least you have power, water, telephone, and some necessities. If you are hungry, you can go to the tropical themed Rum Bay the only Restaurant on the Island. 

Island living brings you close to nature. You will see dramatic sunsets, pretty birds, dolphins, and other animals, and you will have a 7 mile pristine, secluded beach and peaceful, unspoiled nature.  

What do you find when you get off the ferry?

A couple of miles to the south you will find a strip mall with Publix a grocery store. Next to it is a  Post Office and a gas station. Several Restaurants are on Placida Rd. When you get off the ferry you can dine at Leverock’s. 

The full service Palm Island Marina located when you get off the ferry. Englewood is not far away with all you daily needs. 

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