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Rotonda Pinehurst is a thought-after section of Rotonda West because of the easy and short drive out of the circle. This section of Rotonda West was developed after Oakland Hills and Pebble Beach. Therefore, Pinehurst has a mix of older and newer homes, with the older ones from the early 1990s – 2000 dominating the market. Many homes are moderate in size; however, quite a few, mainly the newer ones, sit on double lots with 3-car garages. Canals, sparkling lakes, and the Golf Course are the focal points of the Pinehurst Community.

Rotonda West Pinehurst is Part of a Golfer’s Paradise

Rotonda West, in general, is a Golfer’s paradise, with Pinehurst, not an exception. The whole community offers 5 courses with 99-holes combined, and the Pinemoor Golf Course is one of them. Golf membership is affordable but not required, Fortunately, all courses are open to the public. 

The Pinehurst Course was built around the Pinemoor West Golf Course, which was finished in 2004. It is an Old Florida Style course with fairways winding through woodlands and nature preserves. The paths are not paved, and you can expect a little sand in your shoes after you are done. That is the reason why some golfers don’t like playing there. But it may also be why playing there is not hurting your budget. 

There is wildlife everywhere in Rotonda West’s Pinehurst

It is not uncommon for alligators, bobcats, and other wildlife to be around while you are playing a round of golf(depending on the time of day). Don’t be afraid; respect them, and let them do their thing. At least they are not teasing you when you miss the ball. Some gators seem to be interested in you, and it looks like they are waiting for a  tasty dinner. Fortunately, humans are not on their preferred list. However. keep in mind that they are wild animals. Trust is good, but control is better. 

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