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Babcock Ranch is the first solar powered town in Charlotte Country

Here Comes the Sun

Sun City Center is a town in Hillsborough County that is south of Tampa and north of Sarasota. Yes, there is also a lot of sun in Sun City, but that is it. Now let us talk about a real “Sun City” in Florida, a city that is actively communicating with the sun instead of, well, just sitting there and baking in the heat. Have a look at Babcock Ranch and get inspired. It is all about solar energy. 

Babcock Ranch is southwest Florida’s most charming new city that will someday be home to more than 50,000 residents. It is the nation’s first solar-powered city created on agricultural fields and rock-mined land, and the goal is to be completely independent of other power sources than the sun. 

Once completed, it will be the biggest city in Charlotte County, with a visionary and unique concept. Yes, Babcock Ranch will be different, and it will make a statement because it doesn’t look like a typical planned community. It is designed for the future while embracing the past. 

Architecture – Back to the Roots

The architecture is inspired by original Florida Homes and pre-WWII neighborhoods in Southwest Florida. However, while the design is rooted in the past, the overall concept of the city points to the future.

Pointing to the Future?

Babcock Ranch is an Eco-Centric Town. The momes are embedded in nature and powered by the sun, by innovation, and by the great outdoors. Solar energy, water efficiency, native plants and materials, community gardens, sustainable local materials, tree preservation and relocation, transportation alternatives, and Florida Green Building standards are the cornerstones of the new project. Babcock Ranch builts sustainability right into the infrastructure.

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