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The lifestyle in a condominium is somehow unique, and maybe that is the lifestyle you are looking for. It can be easy, luxurious, or relaxing at the same time. No maintenance tasks, almost no responsibilities - only pure relaxation is awaiting you. Condos are for those who want to focus on other aspects of life instead of never-ending garden work and pool or roof repairs. 

Many condos come with a variety of top of the line amenities. At least a heated pool with spa, fitness studio, sauna and private elevator are standard for higher-end condos. High-end condos offer even more lifestyle choices.

Check out the Condo Rules before you buy

The rules of most condominium association are quite simple: no noise, no trucks, pet restrictions, no wild parties, no…  Some associations allow the use of an electric grill; some have designated areas where you can have your barbecue sessions. Before moving into a condominium the buyer needs to study the condo docs carefully.  The only place where you can get a correct answer is the Bylaws of the Condominium Association. Read them carefully and do not believe that you can change the rules later. You can’t! It may not be easy to get the majority of the condo-owners on your side if you want to change some rules – and a majority vote is needed. 

What about Pets?

Most Condo Communities have strict pet rules in place. The number of cats and dogs vary by community and even by sub-neighborhoods.  When you are a pet owner, and you are aiming for a condo you need to find out if your furry friend is welcome or not.We specialize in pet-friendly condo communities and can help you a great deal to find the communities and neighborhoods that welcome your pets. Cave:  In most cases, tenants are not allowed to bring their pets.

Can I rent my Condo?

The second conflict arises when a future condo owner wants to offset some costs by renting the place short term to tourists or snowbirds. Many condo associations do not like short term tenants. They tend to cause more trouble because they do not care about the overall picture of the condo complex.  So, many condo associations allow only a certain number of rentals per year. Some associations allow no rentals at all.

Living by Condo Rules and Regulations

it is paramount to study the rules and regulations carefully before you sign a contract. If you don’t like the restrictions that are put down in the documents, you better look for a condo unit with fewer limitations or a single family home/villa/townhouse. Most likely you won’t be able to change the rules. Don’t move in and bet on changing those rules. It is not easy to change rules that effect only a few people. For example: if you are the only person who wants to park his RV in front of the building and all other 99 condo owners do not even have one, it will be very hard – or impossible – to establish a majority to change the parking restrictions. You will be better off looking for a condominium where RV parking is allowed.