Acreage Homes

Acreage Homes are in Demand

Do you want privacy? Never again will you have to listen to your neighbor’s heavy metal music? You will be so far away on five or ten acres that you will not even know you have a neighbor. How sweet is that?

Once you leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind, you will enjoy the benefits of a countryside lifestyle. The most obvious appeal is the space that comes with living on acreage. The more acres you buy, the more room you can live a life without feeling like someone is breathing down your neck. 

Less Rules but not Lawless

The further you stay away from the city limits, the more freedom you usually enjoy. You will find fewer zoning restrictions, easier permitting procedures, and the ability to do many things you can not do in an urban setting. However, it does not mean that you live in a lawless environment. There are still county, State, and Federal laws that need to be observed. 

Some acreage homes are in communities with their own rules, although those rules are far less restricting than the rules you are facing in an urban community. In a nutshell, one can say that you can still enjoy immense freedom when living on a bigger plot of land. 

Depending on what part of the country or what sort of terrain you have, living in the country guarantees you to live side by side with nature. You also have the option of raising your own animals. There is no need to stick to a specific number and breed of dogs and cats, and your daughter can have her horse – and maybe also a cow and a donkey. But now, you need at least a five-acre lot to accommodate all the living creatures. 

Pros and Cons of Country Living

With all the pros, there are always some cons involved. But if you know them, they do not spoil your fun. Bigger pieces of a property need more maintenance and upkeep. Especially in Florida, the vegetation is constantly and fast-growing. Additional buildings like barns and sheds need care as well. The sun beats down on them, and the humidity adds to the already harsh effect of the UV rays. It is often not easy to hire someone to do a quick fix. It is always a plus if you are handy enough to do many small jobs yourself. 

It can create challenges in your social life

 The next person is often further away, and your kid’s friend may be even miles away. When you have young children, they want to see their friends regularly. Somebody needs to provide transportation. Also, stores, gas stations, and restaurants are probably miles away. It’s no big deal, but it requires some planning to circumvent the minor obstacle. 


The country lifestyle is not for everyone, but it can be rewarding if you like nature, animals, and maximum freedom. 

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